Gráinne Nagle is a multidisciplinary artist who likes to work across a variety of mediums, but her primary area of focus is collage and exploring the creative potential within it. Having studied fine art & graphic design respectively, both disciplines have become profoundly informative to her work. Gráinne has exhibited both in Ireland and abroad. She currently lives and works in Co. Cork, Ireland. 

My work is a process of 'constructing' imaginary structures, whether that be through drawing, collage, or sculpture. Paper always forms the starting point. For me personally, there is something unassuming & special about paper. It’s simple, uncomplicated qualities allow for it to be manipulated in endless ways. My most successful work comes about when I manage to reach a state of uninterrupted ‘play’. That state which is purely driven by imagination & intuition, devoid of inhibitions & being present in the moment. I think of it as almost returning to a childlike mentality, shutting out the ‘outside world’ & letting the ‘inside world’ emerge.

- Gráinne Nagle


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All work © Gráinne Nagle 2021